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Shiny Medium Base Bracelet for Charms - 14 links

Fourteen-link base bracelets are the foundation of your Italian modular charm bracelet in the medium (3/8 inch wide or 9 mm.) size. The base bracelet is composed of nickel-free stainless steel, and stamped "Carina" on the back. Typically, a woman of average build and bone structure wears 18 links. The base bracelets are sold a little "short" since most customers purchase 3-4 charms when they start their charm bracelets. Please see Charm Sizing for tips on sizing for charm bracelet. This shiny style is one of our bestsellers for all ages, particularly youth.
If you buy charms and you want them put on the base bracelet, please tell us to assemble the bracelet and indicate in what specific order in the Building Instructions section of the order form. You can also tell us to leave the charms loose from the base bracelet if you want. If you need to purchase extra links to get your base bracelet to the particular final link size, you may buy extra Shiny base links for $.50 each at SKU BB2.



Price: $7.00

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