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Sterling Silver Evil Eye Dangle Bead

This sterling silver dangle bead features an evil eye to ward off bad spirits ad protect you and your loved ones. A great good luck charm. The theory of the evil eye, which has a Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, and Indo-European distribution pattern, is based upon underlying beliefs about water equating to life and dryness equating to death. The true "evil" done by the evil eye is that it causes living beings to "dry up" -- notably babies, milking animals, young fruit trees, and nursing mothers. The harm consists of sudden vomiting or diarrhrea in children, drying up of milk in nursing mothers or livestock, withering of fruit on orchard trees, and loss of potency in men. In Sicily and Southern Italy, it is believed that some people can deliberately cast the evil eye on others. In the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean region, especially throughout Greece and up into Turkey, there is a strong tendency to view blue-eyed people as bearers of the evil eye. Indeed, the Jewish, Mexican, Greek, and Turkish people believe that if you wear an evil eye it wards off "bad eye', evil spirits and protects against bad luck. This bead is compatible with chains by all the major brands, such as Chamilia, Carina, Pandora, Pasha, Biagi, and Bling.

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