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Purple "Someone You Know Has Lupus" Silicone Wristband Cause Bracelet (Adult) - Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

This handsome purple silicone wristband cause bracelet reads "Someone You Know Has Lupus" with a butterfly graphic in debossed text on both sides of the bracelet. This is in an adult size (7.5 inches). $1 of the purchase price went directly to the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. Lupus is a chronic connective tissue disease of unknown origin occurring primarily in young women. Common signs are fatigue, fever, migratory joint pains, often a butterfly rash on the nose and cheeks, and scaly red patches on the skin. This chronic autoimmune disorder is one in which a person's natural antibodies, which normally fight infection, damage parts of the central nervous system, connective tissue, or internal organs such as the lungs or kidneys. Lupus can cause heart valve disorders. Carina suggests you choose economy shipping ($2) for quantities under five; choose standard shipping ($5.50) for quantities of five or more. We have this band in Youth size at CB090.

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