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Puffy Gold Pegasus with Lt. Blue Wings Italian Charm (PZ)

This Italian modular charm shows an 18 kt. gold and light blue enamel Pegasus winged horse, on a stainless steel base. Made in Italy, it is in the medium size. Pegasus was born of the great sea god Poseidon and Medusa, a beautiful woman. Poseidon made love to Medusa in the form of a horse. The couple foolishly consummated their relationship in the temple of Athena, the shrine of the goddess of war. Athena, enraged at having her temple defiled, turned Medusa's beautiful tresses into snakes and made her face so hideous that anyone who was unfortunate enough to look upon her was cast into stone. Later, the great hero Perseus promised Medusa's head as a wedding gift to the king, Polydectes. With the aid of Athena, Perseus slew and decapitated the monster Medusa, using a mirror to safely view her. With one blow, Perseus struck off Medusa's monstrous head and the winged horse Pegasus came forth from the blood that dripped down. Athena uses the image of Medusa's head on her shield as a symbol of power and fearlessness. Shortly after his birth, the magical horse Pegasus was taken by Athena to Mt. Helicon to be reared by the Muses. One day the muses began to sing on Mt. Helicon. The mountain, so filled with ecstacy, it rose to the heavens until Pegasus, under Podeison's command, kicked his hoof, stopping the mountain's upward progress. A fountain of water gushed forth called the Fountain of Hippocrene. The fountain was sacred to the Muses and is believed to be the source of music and poetic inspiration. According to legend, the birth of both wine and art occurred when Pegasus' hooves unleashed the sacred Spring of the Muses.

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