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Navy Blue Enamel Psychic Third Eye or God's All Seeing Eye Italian Charm (TX)

This Italian modular charm features a psychic third eye or God's all seeing eye in flat 18 kt. gold and navy blue enamel pyramid, on a stainless steel base. Made in Italy, it is in the medium 9 mm. size. We also carry this charm in flat gold (CH1017) and light blue (CH71960). According to some, your third eye is your Psychic Reception Center located at the midpoint of your two physical eyes. As children, our third eye is open to all psychic phenomena. As a child's linguistic skills increase, his or her third eye tends to close when bombarded with the rationalism of the material world. However, most people never completely close their third eye. This symbol also was derived from the the Eye of Udjat symbol which represents Osiris, as the right eye of the Egyptian God Horus. Called the udjat (or utchat), it represented the sun. The mirror image, or left eye, representing the moon. The Eye of Horus was believed to have healing and protective power, and it was used as a mathematical device to prepare medications. The masonic all seeing eye, the eye in the pyramid symbol found on American money, and our modern Rx symbol for pharmacy are all derived from the Eye of Horus (See CH4378).

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