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Dana Stone's Charm Key

Dana Stone invented this clever charm key to help you put on your Italian charms without breaking your nails, or resorting to toothpicks, chopsticks and paper clips which can scratch your Italian charms. The easy-to-use Charm Key helps you open your charms to put on new Italian charms. Comes with helpful graphics on the back to show you how to use it. Our tips: Put the base bracelet right side up with the hooking side on the left. Insert the purple end of the key into the gap between the last base link or Italian charm on the left and the one next to it, with the Charm Key hook pointing up. Gently give a quarter twist in the clockwise direction, and the Charm Key holds the Italian charm open so you can insert the new Italian charm from the rear of the open charm on the left. (Once the charm opens up, you will see the hook.) After you put on the new charm, twist the Charm Key in the counterclockwise direction a quarter twist and remove the Charm Key. Voila!


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