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Irish Claddagh Landmark Bead in Sterling Silver by Carina

This charming sterling silver bead features a three dimensional Irish claddagh, with a 5 mm. interior bead hole to wear as a pendant or on a bracelet. This bead is compatible with chains by all the major brands, such as Chamilia, Pandora, Pasha, Biagi, Troll, and Bling. Its measurements are approximately 1/2" long by 3/8" tall. This bead is two-sided with the same design on each side.

The Claddagh Ring dates back well over 300 years and belongs to a widespread group of finger rings called "Faith rings" or Fede in Italian which date from Roman times. Fede rings were popular in the Middle Ages throughout Europe. The Claddagh Ring originated in the Claddagh fishing village near Galway City in the West of Ireland. The ring shows two hands (representing friendship) presenting a heart (representing love) adorned by a crown (representing loyalty) and it is thus the traditional Irish wedding band. The motto associated with the ring is 'Let love and friendship reign'.

Landmark Beads also features a Cashel Castle bead for Ireland; view it at SKU LM064.

This lovely bead was designed by San Francisco Bay Area artist Shani Yokoyama, then hand carved by a master bead wax carver, and then cast in high quality sterling silver with oxidized accents. Clean only with a silver cleaning cloth, and do not use silver polish dip. Collect all of the Landmark Beads to remember your world travels.

SKU: LM004


Price: $32.00

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