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Here are some links to articles about Italian charm bracelets and charm bracelets:

NPR Feature Story Highlights the Charm of Charm Bracelets

"All Things Considered" on National Public Radio has done an interesting story on the history and appeal of charm bracelets at the following link (Dec. 26, 2004). Copy this and paste it into your Internet browser:

The story is about author Tracey Zabar who has just published a book called "Charmed Bracelets". We encourage you to read the NPR story. Here is a quote from Ms. Zabar's book:

"Jewelry advertises the wearer's status and social standing—her power, position, and wealth. It is a way to flaunt, to be fashionable, seductive, or elegant. For its part, the charm bracelet is an oh-so-feminine autobiography on a chain. Charm bracelets express who a woman is in a subtle way, simultaneously giving a whimsical little nod to her style while also serving as a record of remembrance of her life. In the most literal sense of the word, charms work magic on the viewer. They can be feminine or funny, glamorous or girlish, classic or kitschy. Though tiny in their proportions, these sweet tokens make a grand statement about the wearer's taste and humor. "To charm" also means to attract, and these bracelets do exactly that. They draw the eye to one's wrist, where a compelling tale unfolds. And if modern-day charms don't cast spells in the ancient sense, they do contain a powerful force: memory, in the form of personal history."

"I wear a charm bracelet nearly every day now -- I have dozens -- and people still stop me on the street to chat about whichever one I'm wearing or share tales of bracelets they have known, loved, or lost. Their enchanting and sentimental stories still give me goose bumps."

Here's a review of the book by Chris Franchetti, BellaOnline's Fashion Jewelry Editor:

Article About Top Ten Italian Charms for Teen Girls

This is an article on about popular Italian charms for teen girls: telephone, computer, cheerleader, ballet, peace sign, smiley face, blowdryer, red lips, and "@" sign. Carina would add to the list: Spirit, Whatever, Believe, Born to Shop, It's All About Me.

Article About Facts About Italian Charms

This article is about some basic facts about Italian charm bracelets.

History of Traditional Charms and Charm Bracelets

This article traces the history of traditional charms and charm bracelets through the ages, starting from the Neolithic era. It's short!

Article about European and American Charms and What They Symbolized

This is an interesting article about specific traditional charms and what they symbolized both in Europe and America through the years.

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