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Carina is pleased to offer three lines of sterling silver and gold beads, including Chamilia, Pasha, and Biagi. These intricately designed beads may be mixed and matched, and worn on chains from the many popular add-a-bead lines, such as Chamilia, Pasha, Biagi, Pandora, Troll, and Bling.

Carina invites you to also visit our Landmark Beads link, to view our stunning new world landmark travel beads executed in high quality sterling silver. Picture a travel-themed bracelet featuring beads of the world landmarks you have personally visited. Intersperse the dramatic and vivid Murano glass beads by Chamilia for a stunning and memorable personalized bracelet. You will find Bling brand toggle chains under our Landmark Beads button, then choosing the Chains link.

How to: Start with a chain that is the width of your wrist as measured by a tape measure plus 2/3 of an inch. Or pick a comfortable necklace length for your height. Choker length is 16 inches, with 18-20 inches as good lengths for scoop style necklines. Carina offers the following chain choices: Chamilia, Pasha, Bling, Pandora and Troll. Please note that Chamilia, Pasha and Pandora chains require two locks or clasps per chain when you start. Then pick the beads that best reflect your personality, loves, and life experiences to create your own uniquely personal jewelry. One by one, add your beads until your life story is on your bracelet or necklace. It could not be simpler. Consider adding birthstones of your loved ones. Questions? Call the Carina Crew for expert advice at 1-415-753-2274 or 1-866-462-4276 (tollfree).

Check out the new Murano glass beads from Chamilia (see photo above). Mix the genuine Italian Murano glass beads with other silver beads for a stunning Italian look. We love the glass beads as they give a color "pow" to any bracelet or chain. These Chamilia Murano beads fit on Chamilia, Biagi, Pandora, Troll, and Bling brand chains.

New from Chamilia: Two sets of sterling silver earrings to hold your Chamilia beads -- see BD443 and BD444 to view. Also new: Analisa Murano glass beads, Diamond Lady aquamarine CZ and ruby CZ birthstones, pink, blue or purple "Many Stones CZ" beads, round crystal birthstone beads (wow), pink crystal butterfly bead, silver gingerbread man, and new snowman bead..

New from Disney Beads: Mickey cutout icon bead, Dopey, Cheshire Cat, and Cinderella's dangle slipper.

Just in from Pasha: the parrot silver bead, and new Pasha snap chains, featuring a silver snake chain and silver ball clasp. The chain fits all brands of beads except Troll.

Who's wearing Chamilia jewelry: Usher, Paris Hilton, Shannon Elizabeth, Fergie from the "Black Eyed Peas", Jamie Lynn Discala from "The Sopranos" TV show, Venus Williams (tennis star), and Denise Richards. Read about Chamilia in Star, Instyle, Teen, Life & Style, Elle, Red publications.

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