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"(Heart) Chairwoman" Laser Italian Charm (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"BINGO" and Bingo Marker Laser Italian Style Charm (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"Docent" Laser Charm with Heart as "O" (LLP) - Made in USACharms8.00
"I (Heart) to Twirl" Majorette Laser Charm (LLP) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"I Love (Red Heart) Soap Operas" Italian Charm in Red, Blue and White (JK)Charms14.00
"LOTTO" Charm in Black (UD)Charms14.00
"Love (Heart) Antiques" Laser Charm (LLP) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"Love Charms" Laser Charm (LL) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"Mah Jong" with Tiles Italian Charm (JK)Charms14.00
"Mystery" with Holmes Style Cap and Pipe Italian Charm (JK)Charms14.00
"Scrapbooking" with Scissors Laser Charm (LLP) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"Scrapbooking" with Scrapbook, Glue, Scissors on Turquoise Italian Style Charm (JK)Charms14.00
"Soap Fan" with TV Laser Italian Style Charm for Soap Opera Fans (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Artist's Paint Palette Italian Charm (PT) - SaleCharms10.00
Artist's Paint Palette Italian Charm by Zoppini - Sale Charms8.00
Blue Television (TV) Italian Charm (RF) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Double Dice Italian Charm in Gold and Black (BX) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Eight Ball from Pool Laser Link (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Enamel Puzzle Piece Italian Charm by Zoppini - Autism SymbolCharms14.00
Fisherman with Fish Italian Charm (AM)Charms14.00
Gold and Black Dominos Italian Charm (RF)Charms14.00
Gold Chess Knight (Horse) Italian Charm with Blue and Red Accents (BX) - SaleCharms5.00
Gold Dice Italian Charm (RF) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Gold Dice with Black Eyes Italian Charm (PZ/CA) - SaleCharms10.00
Gold Dice with Black Eyes Italian Charm (RF) Super SaleCharms5.00
Gold Fisherman Italian Charm (BX) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Gold Open Book Charm (BX) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Hunter with Rifle Laser Charm (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Love to Volunteer Laser Charm (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Martial Arts Laser Charm (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Multicolor "BINGO" on White Ball Italian Charm (ES)Charms14.00
Open Book in Red Italian Charm (RF) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Open Book Italian Charm in Light Blue (BX) - Super SaleCharms10.00
Paint Palette Italian Charm (BX)Charms14.00
Paint Palette Italian Charm (TX) - Super SaleCharms10.00
Pink Piggy Bank with Gold "$" Italian Charm by ZoppiniCharms14.00
Puffy Dice with Black Spots Italian Charm (OFJ) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Raised 18 kt. Gold Puzzle Piece with CZ Italian Charm (AM)Charms18.00
Red and Blue Kite Italian Charm on Gold (EC/IF) - SaleCharms5.00
Red Scissors Italian Charm (CA) - SaleCharms10.00
Rubberstamp Italian Charm in Black (BX)Charms14.00
Scrapbooking in Red Heart Italian Charm (DO)Charms14.00
Small Gold Scissors Italian Charm (OFJ)Charms12.00
Stamp Collector's Laser Italian Style Charm (LLP) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Tae Kwon Do Laser Charm (LLP) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Video Game Controller Italian Charm (TX)Charms14.00
Weightwatchers Italian Charm - Scale with Feet (PT/PZ)Charms14.00
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