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"Bar Mitzvah" Two Charm Set in Blue by Zoppini - Super SaleCharms14.00
"Bat Mitzvah" Two Italian Charm Set in Pink by Zoppini - SaleCharms14.00
"Oy Vey" Laser Charm (LLP) - USA MadeCharms8.00
"Passover" (Pesach) Italian Charm (CO) - Super SaleCharms5.00
"Yente" with Heart Laser Charm (LLF) - USA MadeCharms8.00
All CZ and Raised Gold Chai ("Life" in Hebrew) Italian Charm (CAE)Charms22.00
All CZ Star of David Italian Charm (CAE) - Super SaleCharms18.00
Bat Mitzvah Italian Charm - Star of David and Tallit (CO) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Black and Gold Chai ("Life" in Hebrew) Italian Charm (CAE)Charms14.00
Black Menorah Italian Charm (BX) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Blue Menorah Italian Charm (IF) - SaleCharms10.00
Brown Torah Italian Charm by ZoppiniCharms14.00
Dreydel Italian Charm in Blue and White (CO) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Dreydel Laser Charm (CE) - USA MadeCharms8.00
Gold Chai ("Life" in Hebrew) Italian Charm (TX)Charms12.00
HAPPY CHANUKAH Italian Charm with Yellow Menorah on Blue (CO) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Light Blue Star of David Italian Charm (CAJ)Charms14.00
Star of David in Dark Blue Italian Charm (BX) - Super SaleCharms5.00
Yellow Menorah with Blue Candles Italian Charm (CO) - Super SaleCharms5.00
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