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"Katrina Relief" Wristband Supports Victims of Hurricane Katrina

The sad images of the victims of the Katrina Hurricane has caused us all so much distress and concern. Do your part to help our friends in the South by donating to various charities to help the victims of this terrible hurricane. We now have in stock a purple "KATRINA RELIEF" debossed wristband in both youth and adult sizes. $1 from each band has been donated from Carina Jewelry directly to the American Red Cross - Bay Area Chapter for Hurricane Katrina victims. Don't feel helpless; do something to help.

Support Your Cause With Your Silicone Wristband!

"Live strong" is the mantra of Lance Armstrong, survivor of testicular cancer and six time winner of the punishing Tour de France bicycle race. For champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, yellow is more than just the color of the Tour de France's leader jersey. It's a symbol for hope, courage, and perseverance.

Carina stocks the official Nike and Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) LiveSTRONG yellow silicone wristband. It is the fashionable "must have" for everyone who wishes to find a cure for cancer. Your authentic Lance Armstrong wristband is brand new in its original LAF packaging. We guarantee it authentic because Carina donates to LAF. The yellow bracelets come in two sizes: Adult Large (8 inches) or Youth/Adult Small (7 inches).

Wear one if you are an Armstrong fan, you want to support a friend or family member afflicted with cancer, or to remember someone who died from the disease. Wear it to remind others to contribute to cancer research so more lives can be saved. $1 goes to LAF, which enhances the quality of life of young cancer patients and their families. Founded by Armstrong in 1997, the LAF steps in at the moment of diagnosis to offer pragmatic information and tools to assist cancer patients and their families through the challenging process of treatment. The LAF is founded on the credo that knowledge is power, and encourages individuals to adopt the channeled, focused energy that Lance Armstrong used in his own battle with cancer.

AIDS/LifeCycle 5 Wristband Raises Money For AIDS Research

When you wear the AIDS/LifeCycle 5 wristband, you are showing your commitment and support for ending the AIDS pandemic. This 100% silicone wristband is debossed with "AIDS LIFECYCLE 5" on one side, and "RIDE TO END AIDS". Support the 2,000 heroic people who cycle 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles raising money to care for people with HIV and raising awareness that the AIDS crisis is far from over.

The AIDS/Lifecycle is a 7-day, 585 mile bicycle event that benefits the HIV/AIDS services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation, which jointly produce the event. AIDS/LifeCycle 5 will take place June 4-10, 2006. AIDS/Lifecycle 4 which completed its journey on June 11, 2005, raised $6.8 million to combat AIDS. Carina is pleased to be an official retail site for AIDS/LifeCycle 4 wristbands. $1.50 of the purchase price goes directly to AIDS/Lifecycle from Carina.

Tsunami Relief Wristbands Help East Asian Families

Everyone has been touched by the devastating effects of the East Asian tsunami in December 2004. Carina offers three styles of tsunami relief wristbands. The blue and white "Tsunami Relief" wristbands benefits the Tsunami Emergency Relief Fund of the Asian Pacific American Society. We have them in both Adult (8 inches) and Youth size (7 inches). We also have a solid blue "Tsunami Relief" wristband in youth and adult sizes. Finally, we have a third new all blue tsunami relief bracelet that reads "Help. Rebuild. Renew. Hope".

Support Our Troops with Patriotic Wristbands

Support our troops and wear a "USA" wristband in red, white and blue or a desert camouflage "USA" wristband, both benefitting TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (the group assists families of fallen soldiers). We also have the popular yellow "Support the Troops" wristband, also benefitting TAPs. We have both Youth/Adult Small (7 inches) and Adult Large size (8 inches). The red "One Nation" wristband benefits Operation Homefront's Nation One Group. Nation One Group was established in the aftermath of the September 11 attack to channel volunteer and monetary aid to the families of troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The program has helped thousands of military families deal with everything from car repair to extremes like homelessness. Established by Armen Eloyan, the goal is to sell enough wristbands to raise a million dollars.

Carina also has a popular green camouflage "Support the Troops" wristband, only in Youth/Adult Small size (7 inches). Our best seller for military families and friends: the red "Until Each Comes Home" patriotic wristband. The SOS (Survivors of Soldiers) Fund official desert camouflage "Support the Troops" wristband. The SOS Fund of the National Heritage Foundation assists survivors (spouses and children) of fallen servicemen and women in Iraq. $1 went directly to the SOS Fund from Carina.

Show Your "Faith" Wristbands

Advertise your faith with a purple or blue and yellow "FAITH" wristbands in Adult Large size (8 inches). A portion of each sale by our supplier benefits either St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, located in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the world's premier centers for research and treatment of catastophic diseases in children, primarily pediatric cancers.

Support Public Television Blue Wristbands On Their Way!

Tired of what's on commercial TV? If you always turn to public television programming, wear this cool new "I Support Public Television" wristband to let everyone know you do not want financing for public television to be slashed by the federal government. See Only at Carina!

Wear a Red Wristband for AIDS, Alcohol Abuse Awareness, Heart Disease or Lymphoma

Wear a red "Hope Courage Bravery Endurance" with ribbons wristband to support AIDS/HIV awareness and research, alcohol abuse (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), heart disease, and lymphoma. Adult size.

Autism Awareness Wristbands Are Here!

It is hard to find autism wristbands but Carina offers three from leading autism charities. Check out the blue wristband from the National Autism Association reading "Think Autism. Think Cure" with the distinctive puzzle pieces interspersed with human figures on the back. See SKU CB047 (Adult) and CB114 (Youth). Carina also stocks an imprinted deep blue wristband with red, yellow and pale blue puzzle pieces which benefits the Autism Association of America. (SKU CB070 for $4). We also have the Five "E's" band (CB112) by Find the Cure. We expect one more from the Autism Society of America (CB111) in late May or early June. You might also like our Autism Italian charms. Search "Autism" to view all our autism items.

Help Guatemalan Orphans with a Casa de Angeles Light Blue Wristband

Carina is pleased to introduce a new light blue wristband debossed with "Casa de Angeles" to support this wonderful orphanage outside of Antigua, Guatemala, run by two young Spanish nuns. Be sure to read about the love at Casa de Angeles at CB121 and CB122. Note that the entire $4 for the Casa de Angeles wristband benefits the orphanage!

Lupus Wristband Arrives

The popular new purple "Someone You Know Has Lupus" butterfly wristband has arrived. See it at CB089 and CB090 in both Adult and Youth sizes.

New ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Wristband Received

This one is flying out the door - the new ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) wristband that says "Never Give Up" at CB091.

Click on the item photo above to view the items, or search "Cause Bracelet" to view them all. We suggest you choose $2 Economy shipping if you are buying 5 or less, and $5.50 Standard shipping if you are buying more than five. Carina is well stocked and can handle most large volume orders.

Hint for children who may find a wristband too big for their wrists: Wear your wristband as an anklet!

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