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Italian Charm Sizing and Other Tips

Italian Charm Sizing Tips. Customers start an Italian charm bracelet by purchasing a stainless steel 14-link base bracelet in one of many base bracelet styles shown in our Base Bracelet area. We suggest that you measure around your wrist with a tape measure and then add half an inch to obtain the number of links it will take to fit you:

Toddler13 linksapproximately 5 inches
Child 14 linksapproximately 5-1/4 inches
Youth 15 linksapproximately 5-3/4 inches
Petite 16 links approximately 6 inches
Small 17 linksapproximately 6-1/2 inches
Medium 18 linksapproximately 6-7/8 inches
Large 19 linksapproximately 7-1/4 inches
Extra Large 20 linksapproximately 7-3/4 inches
Long 21 linksapproximately 8 inches
Extra Long 22 linksapproximately 8-1/4 inches

You then choose Italian charms you like. Carina's Crew will attach the Italian charm to the base bracelet in any order you desire. If you wish us to attach the charms in a particular order, just tell us in the Building Instructions field of the Checkout form.

Hint: Italian charm base bracelets are sold a little "short" at 14 links because most customers typically begin with three to four charms. Extra links for the base bracelets may be purchased at very low cost to get the base bracelet length to the right size. To make a bracelet bigger, merely add another base link or Italian charm. Italian charm bracelets fit everybody, regardless of size!

Big Size Italian Charms. Carina carries the "Big" or "Large" size base bracelets (13 mm. or 5/8 inch wide) in addition to the "Medium" size (9 mm or 3/8 inch wide). We stock about 300 Big size charms. The Big size charms are NOT compatible with the medium size bracelets. 95% of US customers own the medium size 9 mm. bracelet, such as Zoppini or Nomination. The length of the Big Size charms are the same as the medium size charms so the above sizing chart also applies to the Big Size Italian charms.

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