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Chinese Knotted Bracelets

Carina is pleased to be the first boutique to carry the entrancing works of Han Jewel. Theresa Kao and Rebekka Pi are the charming owners of Han Jewel, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The two friends have brought an ancient folk art, Chinese knotting, to us with a distinctly contemporary flair. They personally pick out high quality Chinese jade in China, and then create contemporary designs using ancient Chinese knotting techniques in cotton cord. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of jewelry art.

What we love about Han Jewel is the symbolism that pervades their jewelry designs. They begin with carved Chinese jade, which may be in shapes of animals, human beings or natural elements. Jade has been worn as ornaments since ancient Chinese times. Jade stones are also carved into objects that have phonetic similarity to "good spirits," such as luck, prosperity, healthiness, longevity and protection. Theresa and Rebekka then intricately knot cotton cord with the jade and create one-of-a-kind designs to delight you. Because of the symbolism in their works, these unique bracelets are fascinating gifts to family and friends, particularly at this time when Asian jewelry accents are extremely fashionable on the runways.

In our detailed descriptions, Carina will let you know the symbolism inherent in the Han Jewel pieces. You will see jade carvings that are meaningful in terms of Chinese symbolism:

* Ball = Fertility

* Bamboo = Modesty, dignity and success

* Bat Carrying Chinese Old Money May happiness be before your eyes.

* Boar (Pig) = Wealth and Prosperity. The Boar is also a Chinese zodiac creature.

* Bottle = Peace. "Bottle" in Chinese language is phonetically similar with the word "peace" in Chinese.

* Bottle Gourd = Protection, the bottle gourd is a miniature replica of heavan and earth.

* Butterfly = Longevity. From the phonetic similarity, the butterfly symbolizes a man in his Eighties.

* Cicada = Immortality. Ancient Chinese believed that the dead could regenerate like cicadas.

* Circular = Contentment and happiness.

* Dragon = Status, power and good luck.

* Fat-Belly Buddha (Happy Buddha) = symbol of naive geniality. Believing in him, all the happiness will come along.

* Fish = Wealth. The Chinese word for "fish" is phonetically simiilar to the word "abundance, affluence".

* Flower = Good fortune. The word "flower" in Chinese is phonetically similar to "fortune" in Chinese.

* Full Moon Shape Disc = contentment and happiness.

* Lucky Knot = good luck. One of the eight Buddhist symbols that symbolizes long life uninterrupted by setbacks.

* Old Chinese Coins = amulet. From early times, coins have been used as amulets, protective devices against disease-bearing demons.

* Peach = longevity. Peach is the typical symbol of long life.

* Plum Blossom = Good luck. The five petals of plum blossom symbolize the five gods of good luck. long life, riches, welfare, virtue and health.

* Rose = Youth. Rose is a plant that can stand for all four seasons.

* Tortoise shell = longevity and steadfastness. The tortoise is an enigmatic and highly symbolic creature to the Chinese.

* Toad = longevity and fortune. The three-legged toad is a moon symbol. Because the toad lives to a considerable age, it is also a symbol of longevity. The Chinese also believe that the toad will bring fortune and properity.

We hope you fall in love with Han Jewel's pieces the way we did! They are elegant, unique, ancient and yet contemporary.

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