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Since 2001, Carina has been San Francisco's "Charm Central" for the popular Italian charms. Carina carries 6.000 authentic Italian charms from the best names in Italy. Our customers love our huge selection, speedy shipping, and friendly customer service. Buy with confidence because Carina has a full refund and exchange policy. Click on the Italian charm theme areas below to find your perfect Italian charm, or put in search terms (e.g. "Bichon charm" or "Mickey Mouse charm") in the Search box in the upper right.

Start with a 14-link base bracelet (pick from the "Base Bracelets" theme area below), choose 3-4 Italian charms to start, and ask the Carina Crew to build the bracelet for you at the end of the Checkout form. Eighteen total links (either base links or Italian charms) fit an average adult female wrist. Remember that Italian charm bracelets fit everyone! Just add or remove links to achieve a perfect fit.

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A Little About Italian Charms. These stylish Italian "modular" charm bracelets have been made in Italy since the late Eighties, but only reached American shores about six years ago. American tourists discovered them in Italian boutiques in Florence and enthusiastically brought them back home. Italian charms are bone fide fashion hits. They have been featured in leading fashion magazines, including Italian Vogue, In Style, Lucky and People magazines. Stars such as Jodie Foster, Jada Pinkett Smith, and David Hasselhoff wear Italian charm bracelets.

Unlike the old fashioned "dangle-y" charms of yesteryear, Italian charm bracelets are flat and sleek. Italian charms are durable and comfortable for everyday wear. Italian charms are composed of nickel-free stainless steel on the base bracelets, with 18 karat Italian gold, handpainted enamel, and semi-precious stones or cubic zirconia on the face of the Italian charm. The 18 kt. gold art is soldered down to the face of the stainless steel link by hand. Major lines of authentic Italian charms are Zoppini, Boxing, Re Florence, Puzzle, Amorini, Patrizia, Eternity, Dolce Oro, and our own brand Carina. We recommend genuine Italian-made charms overall for their durability, and quality of the work on the charm by the Italian artisans.

Asian-made Italian charms are usually gold-plated, handpainted, and may be either soldered or glued onto the stainless steel link. Carina carries some lines of Asian-made charms, including Pro Charms, Casa D'Oro licensed charms, Rolling Colors Hawaiian charms, and our kids line, Carina Kids. Carina Kids is an Asian-made line of charms designed for young children who want a charm bracelet "just like mommy" but may not be ready for a real Italian charm bracelet. Laser Italian charms are US made on a nickel free stainless steel base link. The wording or graphic art is lasered onto the Italian charm face, for a dark grey permanent design.

The popularity of Italian charms is the fact that they may be personalized to reflect the wearer's name, nationality or ethnicity, professions, interests, sports, hobbies, or past travels. Customers choose from eight thousand Italian charms, including alphabets, zodiac signs, birthstones, religious symbols, sports team logos, college logos, licensed characters (such as Snoopy, Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob), flowers, hearts, car symbols, animals and words like "MOM", "SEXY", "AMORE", "DIVA" and "GO GIRL."

Licensed Italian Charms. One of Carina's most popular Italian charms are the officially licensed charms, including the wonderful Walt Disney Collection, Pro Charms (pro sports and college/university logo charms), and other licensed charms including Peanuts, Spongebob, Barbie, Hello Kitty and more.

The Carina Difference. On Carina's detailed product page, we tell you if the charm is made in Italy, Asia or the US. Carina often explains the symbolism of the charm and may also tell you what other related Italian charms you might like. This is what makes Carina's charm site unique.

Why Break Nails? Try the Charm Key to Attach Your New Italian Charms. If you are new to Italian charms, Carina recommends the clever Dana Stone Charm Key to help you attach your new Italian charms to your base bracelet. Type "Dana Stone Charm Key" (SKU CK1) in the SEARCH box. It is very easy to use and comes with visual instructions.

Caring for your Italian Charm Bracelet. Italian charms are best cleaned with a gentle rub of a silver cleaning cloth every week to remove body oils, dirt and keep your Italian charms gleaming. Carina sells a cleaning cloth at SKU AC1 for $4.00. We do not recommend that you swim or shower on your Italian charm bracelet, or wear it during active sport sessions.

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Don't see what you want? Call us at 1-415-753-2274 to ask if we have a particular Italian charm or to ask any questions.

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