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One of Carina's most popular goods are mouth blown glass items from Murano, an island near the city of Venice, Italy. Carina offers Murano glass and Millefiore jewelry, Millefiore fashion watches, Murano and Millefiore hand blown perfume bottles, and Murano and Millefiore pillboxes.

During the Middle Ages, craftsmen of Murano re-established the techniques used in ancient Phonetian, Alexandrian and Roman glassmaking. Since the 11th century, successive generations of glass artists have passed their unique knowledge down from master to apprentice. The modern Murano glassmakers still use these age old techniques to create unusual jewelry, functional items, and objets d'art for patrons. Venetian glassmaking is world renown for its vivid color, beauty and detail.

Every element of Venetian glassmaking is meticulous, following strict traditional styles. For example, Carina sells beautifully Millefiore and other Murano glass bead jewelry. The Murano artist fashions each bead individually from layers of molten glass fused around a copper wire held over an open flame. Small segments of differently shaped and colored glass rods, the famous "Millefiore" ("Thousand Flowers" as translated from Italian) are cut and placed in the still molten glass by hand. After the bead has cooled, it is immersed in an acid bath to dissolve the copper wire and create the stringing hole. Other complicated techniques involve using gold and copper dust embedded in the glass, creating an ancient form of iridescence called Goldstone. Carina carries a selection of exquisite Italian Millefiore and glass bead jewelry, including matching sets of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Glass mosaic items are also made by the Venetian craftsmen. Pieces of Millefiore are cut and laid close together to form colorful designs and patterns. Carina carries mosaic pillboxes and pendants made with this technique.

We invite you to view a small sample of our collection on line and to call us for more details at (415) 753-2274.

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