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Key to My Heart Italian Charm in Blue and Red (BX) - Super Sale

Our Price: $5.00

Dangle 18 Kt. Gold Heart Trio Italian Charm (TX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH5448
Our Price: $22.00

Flat Gold Heart with Swirly Bottom Italian Charm (OFJ) - Super Sale

SKU: CH5266
Our Price: $5.00

"I Love (Red Heart) You" Italian Charm (CA) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1297
Our Price: $10.00

Raised Sparkly Green Heart Italian Charm (ET/OFJ) - Super Sale

SKU: CH2704
Our Price: $5.00

TVB in Red on Puffy Gold Heart Charm (ET) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1801
Our Price: $5.00

CZ and 18 kt. Gold Double Heart Italian Charm (BX) - Made in Italy - Sale

SKU: CH662
Our Price: $22.00

Double Red Heart Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH663
Our Price: $14.00

Double Blue Hearts Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH666
Our Price: $14.00

"I Love U" Italian Charm with Red Heart on Blue by Zoppini

SKU: CH705
Our Price: $14.00

"I Love U" Italian Charm on Red by Zoppini

SKU: CH706
Our Price: $14.00

Broken Heart in Red and Blue Italian Charm by Zoppini - Sale

SKU: CH948
Our Price: $10.00

Black Crystal Faceted Heart Charm (OFJ) - Sale

SKU: CH1194
Our Price: $22.00

Citrine Crystal Faceted Heart Italian Charm (OFJ) - Sale

SKU: CH1195
Our Price: $22.00

Denim Blue and Light Blue Double Hearts Italian Charm (ET) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1245
Our Price: $5.00

Gold Outline Heart Italian Charm with Arrow (OFJ) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1291
Our Price: $5.00

AMORE (Love) in Red Italian Charm (RF) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1630
Our Price: $10.00

3-D Puffy Gold Heart Dangle Italian Charm (CM) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1634
Our Price: $22.00

Double Hearts Italian Charm in Red and Pink (ET) - Super Sale

SKU: CH1654
Our Price: $10.00

Pink and Purple Double Heart Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH1724
Our Price: $14.00
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A few months ago I asked if you had ever seen a charm with the green organ donation awareness ribbon on it and you replied you had not. I was so thrilled and surprised when I checked your charm list last Friday and found you had one and it was designed just for you.

Karen, Marysville, CA

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