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Green Sea Turtle Italian Charm with Brown Center (AM) - Sale

SKU: CH5912
Our Price: $10.00

Red Seahorse Italian Charm (PZ)

SKU: CH5970
Our Price: $14.00

Whaletail in the Sea with Sun Italian Charm (DO)

SKU: CH5975
Our Price: $14.00

Surfer with Red Shorts on White Surfboard with Yellow Sun Italian Charm (TO)

SKU: CH6222
Our Price: $14.00

Pink Sunglass Italian Charm (TO)

SKU: CH6371
Our Price: $14.00

Penguin Italian Charm (CE) -Super Sale

SKU: CH6523
Our Price: $10.00

Light Blue Puffy Leaping Dolphin with Dark Blue Fins Italian Charm (AM)

SKU: CH6556
Our Price: $8.00

Enamel Sunglasses in Blue Italian Charm (RF) - Super Sale

Our Price: $5.00

Yellow and Purple Striped Tropical Fish Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH6712
Our Price: $10.00

Laser Orca Whale Charm (CE)

SKU: CH6715
Our Price: $12.00

Gold Surfer Italian Charm (IF)- Super Sale

SKU: CH715
Our Price: $5.00

Gold Surfer Italian Charm (RF) - Super Sale

SKU: ch716
Our Price: $5.00

Lounge Chair with Blue Umbrella Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7259
Our Price: $14.00

Penguin on Sparkly Teal Oval Italian Charm (CO)

SKU: CH7524
Our Price: $14.00

Baby Sea Lion Italian Charm (CO)

SKU: CH7526
Our Price: $14.00

Whaletail in the Sea with Sun Italian Charm (PZ)

SKU: CH7528
Our Price: $14.00

"Paradise" with Two Palms Italian Charm in Red and Green (PZ)

SKU: CH7549
Our Price: $14.00

CZ Dolphin Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH759
Our Price: $22.00

Clownfish Trio in Seaweed Amid Sparkly Sea Italian Charm (RS-PT)

SKU: CH7756
Our Price: $14.00

Seashells on the Beach Italian Charm (RS-PT)

SKU: CH7757
Our Price: $14.00
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Silver Bead with Dangle 18Kt Gold Shell with Freshwater Pearl (CA)
Our Price: $34.00
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One "Spoiled" NeonBand Cause Bracelet Silicone Wristband (Youth Size) - Sale
Our Price: $0.50
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Panda Megalink Italian Charm
Our Price: $18.00
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WOW! You guys are UN-believable! I placed an order in the afternoon on Oct. 30th, and I received it on Nov. 1st! I have 6 bracelets now, and your site has far and away been my favorite. . . In fact, I no longer shop anywhere else!

Connie, Ogden, UT

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