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Philippines Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH720
Our Price: $18.00

Monaco Flag Italian Charm (CARISMA) - Super Sale

SKU: CH721
Our Price: $5.00

Bulgarian Flag Italian Charm (RY)

SKU: CH722
Our Price: $14.00

Yemen Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini (Can also be Syria and Egypt)

SKU: CH723
Our Price: $18.00

Puffy Gold Nautical Knot Italian Charm (RF)

SKU: CH729
Our Price: $12.00

Fiji Enamel Flag Italian Charm (CO)

SKU: CH7323
Our Price: $18.00

India Enamel Flag Italian Charm (CO) - no seal

SKU: CH7347
Our Price: $18.00

Hong Kong Flag Italian Charm (CO)

SKU: CH7451
Our Price: $18.00

Ontario Canada Flag Italian Charm (TO)

SKU: CH7556
Our Price: $18.00

Spanish Flag with Seal Italian Charm (CO) - Asian Made

SKU: CH7664
Our Price: $18.00

Bermuda Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7720
Our Price: $18.00

Seychelles Flag Italian Charm (SC)

SKU: CH7876
Our Price: $18.00

Singapore Flag Italian Style Charm (SC)

SKU: CH7877
Our Price: $18.00

US Virgin Islands Flag Italian Charm (SC)

SKU: CH7932
Our Price: $18.00

Malaysia Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7948
Our Price: $18.00

Morocco Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7949
Our Price: $18.00

Costa Rica Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7950
Our Price: $18.00

Wales Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini - Sale

SKU: CH7962
Our Price: $10.00

Panama Flag Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7969
Our Price: $18.00

Singapore Flag Italian Style Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH7970
Our Price: $18.00
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Just received my order. Not only was I surprised and grateful to have received it so soon, but I was even happier to have noticed that free bee charm you included. I was not aware at the time of the order of your free ninth charm promotion. Thank you for looking out and including [it]! I appreciate your business standards - they are above and beyond.

Helen, Gilroy, CA

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