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"Spoiled" Italian Charm (PZ) - Sale

SKU: CH5567
Our Price: $10.00

"Respect" Italian Charm in Red (PT) - Sale

SKU: CH5568
Our Price: $5.00

Blue "Respect" Italian Charm (PT)

SKU: CH5569
Our Price: $10.00

"Lady Luck" Laser Italian Charm (LLF)

SKU: CH5771
Our Price: $8.00

"Whatever" Italian Charm in Black (PZ)

SKU: CH5958
Our Price: $14.00

"Broke But Happy" with Smiley Face Laser Charm (LLP) - USA Made

SKU: CH6032
Our Price: $8.00

"Hope" Italian Charm in Black (TO)

SKU: CH6785
Our Price: $14.00

"Joy" Italian Charm in Black (TO)

SKU: CH6787
Our Price: $14.00

"Soulmate" Two Charm Set in Black (TO)

SKU: CH6788
Our Price: $28.00

Multicolor "COOL" Charm on Gold (CE)

SKU: CH6942
Our Price: $18.00

"You Are My (Star)" on Dark Blue Sky Italian Charm (DO)

SKU: CH7174
Our Price: $14.00

"Domestic Goddess" Laser Charm (LLF) - USA Made

SKU: CH7197
Our Price: $8.00

BRAT Italian Charm in Red (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH725
Our Price: $5.00

"White Trash" Italian Charm (PS)

SKU: CH7683
Our Price: $14.00

"Survivor" Italian Charm in Black by Zoppini

SKU: CH7972
Our Price: $14.00

WORLD PEACE Italian Charm (RS)

SKU: CH9224
Our Price: $14.00
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San Francisco Cable Car Italian Charm (RS)
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I have to tell you that I have had the best service with you! It has been the most pleasant on line shopping experience I have had this season. Thank you very much!

Erin, Scottsdale, AZ

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