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White Poodle Italian Charm (Left Facing) (RF) - Super Sale

SKU: CH559
Our Price: $5.00

St. Bernard Dog Face Italian Charm (PZ)

SKU: CH5712
Our Price: $14.00

Gold Long Dog Charm with Pink Ears and Black Accents (CM) - Super Sale

SKU: CH5852
Our Price: $5.00

Black Paw in Red Heart Italian Charm (DO)

SKU: CH6012
Our Price: $14.00

Silver Sparkle Poodle Italian Charm (DO) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6018
Our Price: $5.00

Black Poodle Italian Charm (DO)

SKU: CH6019
Our Price: $14.00

Flat Gold Double Cats Italian Charm - Front View (RF) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6113
Our Price: $5.00

Tortoise Shell Cat Italian Charm (CAJ) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6221
Our Price: $5.00

Gold Scotty Dog Italian Charm with Black Eye (IF) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6330
Our Price: $5.00

Barking Yellow Dog Charm with Black Collar (BX) - Sale

SKU: CH6331
Our Price: $5.00

Yellow Lying Down Cat Italian Charm (PZ) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6350
Our Price: $5.00

Love (Heart) Basset Hound (Entire Dog Profile) Laser Charm (LLF) - USA Made

SKU: CH6363
Our Price: $8.00

Double Cats with Black Bellies and Black Eyes Italian Charm (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6376
Our Price: $5.00

Red Scotty Dog with Black Collar Italian Charm (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6568
Our Price: $5.00

Black Cat Italian Charm (BZ) - Super Sale

SKU: CH6586
Our Price: $5.00

White Doghouse Italian Charm with Red Roof and Green Grass (PZ) - Sale

SKU: CH6641
Our Price: $10.00

"Love (Heart) Airedales" with Airedale Dog Profile Laser Charm (LLP) - USA Made

SKU: CH7062
Our Price: $8.00

Flat Gold Fishbone Italian Charm (RF) - Super Sale

SKU: CH709
Our Price: $5.00

Flat White Poodle Italian Charm (LX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH7513
Our Price: $10.00

Happy Cat or Good Fortune Kitty Italian Charm (RS-PT)

SKU: CH7626
Our Price: $14.00
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Blue and Yellow Sun Italian Charm (RS)
Our Price: $14.00
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Raised Gold Kayak Italian Charm (AM)
Our Price: $12.00
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Silver Bead with Dangle 14Kt Gold Cow (CA)
Our Price: $34.00
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I am a frequent flyer orderer in several of your product categories and have NEVER had a bad experience with your store. As a result, I will NEVER buy Italian charms from anywhere else, including my local merchants. I teach Strategic Management, the senior-level capstone class, for the Sam M Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas and have used your store as an example of customer service and a true model of a differentiation business-level strategy. You set yourself apart with your product selection and certainly with your service yet you still successfully maintain a global reach that both expands your market AND increases your number of competitors. With your permission, I will continue to tout your store as “the way” to mix a bricks-and-mortar store and e-commerce venture. Keep up the excellence!

Renee, Sam Walton College of business, University of Arkansas

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