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Shovel or Spade Italian Charm in Brown and Green (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH3642
Our Price: $2.00

JD (Juris Doctor) and Scales of Justice Italian Charm in Blue (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH3673
Our Price: $5.00

Scales of Justice in Red Italian Charm (AM)

SKU: CH3951
Our Price: $14.00

Scales of Justice in Black Italian Charm (CA)

SKU: CH3952
Our Price: $14.00

"#1 Secretary" Laser Italian Charm (CE) - USA Made

SKU: CH4016
Our Price: $8.00

NASA Italian Charm in Blue (PZ) - Sale

SKU: CH4458
Our Price: $10.00

Dental Happy Tooth Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH4520
Our Price: $14.00

Red Scissors Italian Charm (CAE) - Sale

SKU: CH5006
Our Price: $10.00

Deal's Done Handshake Italian Charm (PZ) - Sale

SKU: CH5163
Our Price: $10.00

Black "#1 Boss" Charm on Gold (PZ)

SKU: CH5286
Our Price: $14.00

Adding Machine Laser Charm (LLP) - USA Made

SKU: CH5406
Our Price: $8.00

"Physical Therapy" Laser Charm with Crutch and Walker (LLP) - USA Made

SKU: CH5438
Our Price: $8.00

"US Coast Guard" with Anchor Laser Charm (LLP) - USA Made

SKU: CH5467
Our Price: $8.00

Army Wife Laser Italian Charm (LLF) - USA Made

SKU: CH5609
Our Price: $8.00

"FBI" Italian Charm in Black (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH5645
Our Price: $10.00

"CIA" Italian Charm in Black (BX) - Super Sale

SKU: CH5647
Our Price: $10.00

Green and Gold Dollar Sign Italian Charm (RF)

SKU: CH5652
Our Price: $14.00

Waitress Laser Charm (LLF)

SKU: CH5769
Our Price: $8.00

Pen and Ink Laser Charm for Writers (LLF)

SKU: CH5770
Our Price: $8.00

Red Mailbox Italian Charm (PZ)

SKU: CH5827
Our Price: $14.00
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Silver Bead with Dangle Silver Heart with Pink Enamel Accents (CA)
Our Price: $26.00
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New York City's Empire State Building Landmark Bead in Sterling Silver by Carina
Our Price: $32.00
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Blonde Dorothy and Toto Tucked in Arm Italian Charm from the Wizard of Oz (CO) - Officially Licensed - Sale
Our Price: $14.00
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Thank you for incredibly fast and efficient service. I received my (Troll) beads overnight, and was surprised and delighted!

Jane, Hillsborough, CA

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