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Cancun Italian Charm (RS/PT) - Asian Made

SKU: CH8030
Our Price: $14.00

Castle on the Hillside with Crescent Moon Italian Charm (RS/PT) - Asian Made

SKU: CH8040
Our Price: $14.00

Castle with Rainbow Italian Charm (RS/PT) - Asian Made

SKU: CH8041
Our Price: $14.00

"Niagara" Falls Italian Charm (AM)

SKU: CH8055
Our Price: $14.00

"Bon Voyage" with Confetti Italian Charm by Zoppini

SKU: CH8063
Our Price: $14.00

"Love (Red Heart) London" Italian Charm (SC) - Sale

SKU: CH8068
Our Price: $8.00

Big Ben Superlink Italian Charm in White (TX)

SKU: CH8069
Our Price: $28.00

Westminster Abbey Superlink Italian Charm in White with Black Accents (TX)

SKU: CH8070
Our Price: $28.00

British Beefeater Italian Charm in Red and Black (TX)

SKU: CH8071
Our Price: $28.00

Red London Phone Booth Superlink Italian Charm in Red and Black (TX)

SKU: CH8072
Our Price: $28.00

Gold Eiffel Tower Superlink Italian Charm (TX)

SKU: CH8073
Our Price: $28.00

Beach Paradise with Palm Trees Italian Charm (RS)

SKU: CH8076
Our Price: $14.00

Hammock in Paradise Italian Charm (RS)

SKU: CH9005
Our Price: $14.00

"Tropical" Italian Charm witih Palm Tree as "T" (RS)

SKU: CH9011
Our Price: $14.00

Napa Wine, Cheese and Grapes Italian Style Charm (RS)

SKU: CH9515
Our Price: $14.00
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Virgin Mary Photo Italian Style Charm (CE)
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Men's Sterling Silver Flat Anchor Bracelet
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I am so impressed at how quickly my charms arrive. Since I live in Ohio, I assume it will take a week to get them - not the case! Even during Christmas, I received my order in just a few days. When I have had to call the store, the customer service I received was outstanding. I always look for my charms on your website first.

Jennifer, Cleveland, OH

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